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 On Sources and Elements

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Abel XIV

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On Sources and Elements Empty
PostSubject: On Sources and Elements   On Sources and Elements EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 12:34 pm

Alright, so I designed an element system that revolves around two parts, Sources and Elements. It affects all things, abilities, weapons and hand-to-hand combat

Sources are the means through the abilities are powered, the means through the results are attained (that is the element). The Sources are (for now) the following:
- Magic: magical energy, psychic powers and other kind of supernatural shiz goes here.
- Technology: Anything ranged from primitive mechanisms to ultrafuturistic technology, anything powered by any sort of machine or that requires the close assistance of one falls here.
- Biological/Chemical: Powered through the use of organs that generate fire (for example) or through chemical compounds that are naturally produced by the metabolism of the body (if such compound is generated any other way it does not qualify as this source).
- Physical: plain 'ol braws up to eleven. No more, no less.

Abilities that use Magic and Technology sources run on the user's energy and abilities that use Biological/Chemical and Physical sources run on the user's stamina. Since weapons do not need any sort of cost to be used, they aren't affected by this.

Elements on the other side are what determine what kind of damage is dealt, whichever is the source used:
- Fire
- Ice
- Lightning
- Water
- Nature
- Wind
- Earth
- Darkness
- Light
- Nothingness
- Space
- Time
- Pierce
- Cut
- Strike
- Almighty (Not really Almighty, but more akin to non-elemental. Though defenses may be risen against the rest of the elements, there are no elemental defenses whatsoever against Almighty. The only way to reduce damage is through general resistance to damage or being resistant to the source)

Any attack might posses multiple elements, except for Almighty, since it is overridden by any elements it is combined with. It is Almighty because of the lack of any element at all after all.

In case you are wondering, Pierce, Cut and Strike are kinds of physical damage. However, not because of that all Physical skills have to deal any of the three kinds of damage, for example, in Naruto, Guy's Daytime Tiger uses a Physical source to generate a giant projectile of compressed air, thus, the attack deals Wind damage. On the same note, non Physical powered attacks might use these elements, such as a piercing beam of magical energy.
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On Sources and Elements
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