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 Fate System

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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Fate System   Fate System EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 12:47 pm

The Fate System is a new system which's objective is to spice things up when it comes to combat. Once a page, each user can roll a D40. Each result is manifested as a card, each having a different effect.

There are four kinds of cards one can obtain, besides the effect of the card, each kind has a secondary effect on all the players and NPCs in the thread:

-- 1st: Wands: When a Wand card is drawn all fire, lightning, light and magical attacks obtain a 25% power bonus until another card is drawn.
-- 2nd: Cups: When a Cup card is drawn all water, ice, nature/healing and biological attacks obtain a 25% power bonus until another card is drawn.
-- 3rd: Swords: When a Sword card is drawn all air, psychic, space and technological attacks obtain a 25% power bonus until another card is drawn.
-- 4rth: Disks: When a Disk card is drawn all earth, metal, darkness and physical attacks obtain a 25% power bonus until another card is drawn.

Now, unto the specific effects of each card:

---- Ace of Wands: Extra 25% boost to the elements boosted by Wand cards.
---- Two of Wands: For three posts, all enemies loose the capacity to fly because of a powerful gravity field.
---- Three of Wands: Should the HP of the one who drew this card hit 0, he/she will be able to keep fighting for 3 posts before passing out. Damage received during these 3 posts will not knock out the user.
---- Four of Wands: For the next three posts all your attacks have 100% accuracy and will never naturally miss. This doesn't mean the target cannot dodge them though. This only assures that the attacks will always be directed at the target.
---- Five of Wands: You become enraged, your offensive power raises a 25%.
---- Six of Wands: For the rest of the thread, though you'll still be as vulnerable as you were before drawing this card, you will not flinch or be thrown back upon receiving any attack. Your stamina is also locked at 100%.
---- Seven of Wands: 60% Physical attack raise, 30% Defense down. 3 posts duration.
---- Eight of Wands: For 2 posts, your character comes up with awesome plans he'd not be able to think of normally, he/she is also able to switch the elements of all its attacks at will.
---- Nine of Wands: Magical power, Physical attack and defense +30%
---- Ten of Wands: You cannot longer use any of your abilities for the rest of the topic.

---- Ace of Cups: Extra 25% boost to the elements boosted by Cup cards.
---- Two of Cups: PC or NPC of choice recovers a 25% of its total HP.
---- Three of Cups: Every PC or NPC ally recovers a 15% of its total HP.
---- Four of Cups: For the current post, you are completely invulnerable.
---- Five of Cups: All permanent boosts you had are cancelled for 5 posts, temporary boosts or boosts that depended on spells that you casted have to be regained.
---- Six of Cups: You recover a 25% your total energy
---- Seven of Cups: All boosts you have have the opposite effect (+20% attack become -20% attack and etc), yet, all debuffs and negative status spells that might be used on your characters for the rest of the topic also have the opposite effect. For three posts all the spells or magic abilities you might use are used twice, wanting so or not.
---- Eight of Cups: Your character becomes depressed and wishes for defeat and the end of his/her life. For the next 7 posts throw a D6 after each post in which you attack magically, if the result is 1, 2 or 3, all magical attacks you performed turn back against you.
---- Nine of Cups: Your HP and energy and the ones of your allies is replenished a 15% of its max capacity. You have the capacity of nullifying a single attack.
---- Ten of Cups: You fully recover your stamina, HP and energy.

---- Ace of Swords: Extra 25% boost to the elements boosted by Sword cards.
---- Two of Swords: All mental ailments are healed and no psychic abilities have effect on the target for 3 posts.
---- Three of Swords: The person who drew the card becomes a 75% more vulnerable to mental ailments and takes a 25% extra damage from psychic attacks.
---- Four of Swords: You are invulnerable to all ailments and secondary effects abilities may have. You are not invulnerable to damage dealt though.
---- Five of Swords: All attacks directed against you will always hit you, you are unable to dodge them.
---- Six of Swords: Technology and Psychic attacks deal a 50% more damage and cost a 25% less energy.
----Seven of Swords: All boosts your enemy of choice has are inverted. Yet, after 3 posts you'll suffer all of the negative effects your foe suffered for a post.
---- Eight of Swords: Your character instantly knows all the effects, strengths and weaknesses of a foe, his / her abilities and his / her weapons. For 7 posts, you can nullify a single ability each post. Not after it hits though.
---- Nine of Swords: All the damage dealt to you or that you deal has realistic effects, the same one it would have IRL.
---- Ten of Swords: You loose 95% of your total HP.

---- Ace of Disks: Extra 25% boost to the elements boosted by Disk cards.
---- Two of Disks: For 3 posts, all attacks the user performs will be of any element that must be chosen upon drawing this card.
---- Three of Disks: All alchemist's abilities efficiency is raised by a 25% (all of their abilities cost a 25% less energy to use) for 7 posts.
---- Four of Disks: You gain 20000 Ryo (Contact an admin to claim them) and you have a 20% boost in defense.
---- Five of Disks: You become panicked for 5 posts.
---- Six of Disks: You gain 30000 Ryo, you have a 100% chance of success upon taking any kind of chance or risk during the next 4 posts.
---- Seven of Disks: You can only think of stupid plans and for some reason they look good to you. You have a 100% chance of failure in every chance and risk you take. You are bound to piss out of the toilet, leaving your bathroom's floor all pissed.
---- Eight of Disks: Your Defense raises a 75%.
---- Nine of Disks: You gain 40000 Ryo, your stamina fully recovers.
---- Ten of Disks: Jackpot!, you gain 100000 Ryo!
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Abel XIV

Posts : 35
Join date : 2012-12-07

Fate System Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fate System   Fate System EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 11:49 am

This is open to discussion and critique.
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Fate System
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